Pilkington Jackson figures

These statuettes, cast in plaster, show the different uniforms which form the history of The Cameronians from the 1680s through to the First World War.

They were made in the 1930s and are replicas of the carved wooden models designed by Charles d’Orville Pilkington Jackson (1887-1973) for the opening of the Scottish United Services Museum in 1933.

Pilkington Jackson was an artist and sculptor. He is noted for his many war memorial sculptures, in particular, the ornamentation on the Scottish National War Memorial in Edinburgh. He is also renowned for his sculpture of Robert the Bruce at Bannockburn. Of local importance is his contribution to the David Livingstone Memorial at Blantyre, where he created sculpted scenes depicting Livingstone’s journey in Africa.

A full set of wooden statuettes showing the different uniforms of the Scottish Regiments (including the originals of the ones shown here), can be seen at the National War Museum of Scotland at Edinburgh Castle.

Pilkington fig 1 magnify
Pilkington fig 1

The Earl of Angus’ Regiment of Foot, 1689 (later 26th Cameronians) Musketeer 1689.

Pilkington fig 2 magnify
Pilkington fig 2

26th Regiment of Foot, 1768 ‘Cameronians’ Sergeant: Battalion Company.

Pilkington fig 3 magnify
Pilkington fig 3

90th Perthshire Regiment, 1794 Volunteers: Private Review Order.

Pilkington fig 4 magnify
Pilkington fig 4

26th Cameronians, 1820 Colour Sergeant Battalion Company.

Pilkington Jackson figures photo magnify
Pilkington fig 5

90th Perthshire Light Infantry,1826 Volunteers:Sergeant Marching Order.

Pilkington fig 6 magnify
Pilkington fig 6

26th Cameronians, 1868 Bugler Review Order.

Pilkington fig 7 magnify
Pilkington fig 7

The Cameronians (Scottish Rifles0, 1906 Officer Review Order.

Pilkington fig 8 magnify
Pilkington fig 8

The Cameronians (Scottish Rifles,1918 Private in Marching Order Eastern Kit: Palestine.