Sergeant Frank Picken

This battledress blouse was worn by Sergeant Frank Picken from 1944-1947.

The cloth badges on the sleeve indicate that Sergeant Picken was a Cameronian who served as part of the South East Asia Command (SEAC). The SEAC’s operational area during the Second World War was in India, Burma, Ceylon, Malaya, Singapore and Sumatra. Service records show that Sergeant Picken served in India and Singapore.

The picture badge is the formation badge of the Allied Land Forces South East Asia Command which was previously known as the 11th Army Group of the SEAC.

The three stripes or chevrons on the sleeve indicate the rank of Sergeant.

The museum holds a collection of objects relating to Sergeant Picken’s service with The Cameronians in the 1940s.

Battledress magnify
Sergeant Picken’s Battledress uniform

Sergeant Picken’s Battledress uniform.

Sergeant Frank Picken’ magnify
Sgt Frank Picken

Sergeant Frank Picken.

Sgt Frank Picken group shot magnify
Sgt Frank Picken group

Sergeant Frank Picken is pictured in the back row, third from left hand side.

Sgt Frank Picken tags magnify
Sgt Frank Picken tags

Sergeant Picken’s identity tags.