Tunic worn by 2nd Lieutenant Draffen

This tunic was worn by 2nd Lieutenant Frederick Draffen at the battle of Spion Kop during the Boer War.

A notebook was in his top pocket, and is said to have saved his life by stopping a bullet fired at him. Although Draffen had other wounds and was still badly injured, he would have been shot through the heart if the bullet had not lodged in the notebook.

The tunic has a number of bloodstains on it and the back of the jacket has been removed, possibly due to further damage from blood. The back has now been filled in by a conservator to demonstrate how the tunic would have looked originally.

Draffen portrait magnify
2nd Lieutenant Frederick Draffen

2nd Lieutenant Frederick Draffen.

Draffen tunic magnify
Draffen tunic

The tunic worn by 2nd Lieutenant Draffen at the battle of Spion Kop.

Draffen tunic bullet hole magnify
Draffen tunic bullet hole

Bullet hole is visible on the tunic pocket, you can also see blood stains on the sleeve.

Draffen note book magnify
Draffen note book

The notebook which saved the life of Draffen.